The resort and second-home marketplace differs in a true number of ways from primary residential marketplace. Buyer attention ranges from little, rustic getaways to extravagance properties, and includes a global clientele and the retirement and investment markets. Purchasing, selling, or managing 2nd homes in a vacation resort, recreational, and/or destination requires understanding of the lifestyle and recreation market, tax therapy of vacation and 2nd homes, and owning a home.

How do you maintain a second home if it’s far away?

If you own a second home, chances are it’s not in the neighborhood. And there will be repairs and maintenance tasks, especially if you’re dealing with salt air, snow, or other harsh elements. How will you cope?
How do you maintain a second home if it’s far away?
weekly house check
How do you maintain a second home if it’s far away?
pool maintenance
How do you maintain a second home if it’s far away?
reception of guests
How do you maintain a second home if it’s far away?
garden maintenance
How do you maintain a second home if it’s far away?
arrange building/renovation
How do you maintain a second home if it’s far away?
key holding service
How do you maintain a second home if it’s far away?
general maintenance
How do you maintain a second home if it’s far away?
repairs and problem solving
How do you maintain a second home if it’s far away?
installation of Wi-Fi and TV
How do you maintain a second home if it’s far away?
cleaning & laundry

How to Minimize Property Liability

Property managers stand in the unique position of having to protect several stakeholders from a myriad of risk events: owners, renters and property managers themselves. Property managers and owners can be held liable for incidents that occur on their properties if the injured individual can prove that the owner or manager was negligent, and they sustained some sort of loss due to the negligent behavior. Negligence typically is determined by comparing the behavior at issue with the behavior of a “reasonable, prudent person” in a similar situation. If a reasonably prudent person would have discovered the unsafe condition at a property and taken steps to correct the condition, a property manager or owner who does not do the same can be held liable for the resulting injuries.

In property management, a major area of risk involves proper maintenance of the property. To lessen the probability of a risk event associated with maintenance negligence, property managers and owners should conduct proactive or preventative maintenance and establish a timely response process to renter-initiated requests. The foundation of proactive or...


How to Increase Property Value with Property Maintenance Services

Property values have a significant impact on the rent that can be charged. A building with a low overall property value will typically command a lower rental price than a building with a high property value— so knowing how to increase property values is a key part of being a successful property manager.


How a Mobile App Helps You Find Home Improvement Professionals

As a single-family property manager, we understand your time is limited and that you’re often trying to do the most for your renters in the least amount of time. When your properties are in need of property management maintenance or repair, you probably fix minor things yourself — like changing light bulbs, fixing a leaky toilet, or maybe patching a wall. But, sometimes the job is too big, and you have no choice but to look for home improvement professionals by searching online for “home improvement contractors near me.”

However, when it comes to more significant repairs or those that require a license, finding high-quality home improvement professionals who are readily available and within your budget can be a challenge. This is why having a mobile app on your phone that helps you to find local home improvement contractors is a win. With the tap of a button, you can have a repair guy at your door in about 30 minutes.

How to Choose a Residential Property Management Software-1

How to Choose a Residential Property Management Software

Residential property management has a significant amount of overlap with commercial property management. However, there are a few challenges that are more common with residential properties than they are with commercial properties, so it is important to find a property management software that’s specifically designed for residential properties.

How to Meet Property Management Regulations-2-1

How to Meet Property Management Regulations

Property management regulations are a key concern for property managers in all regions and industries. Failing to meet property management regulations can result in fines, dissolution of a business, and other federal sanctions that cripple a property manager’s ability to do business.


Note: Homee on Demand & Darren Wilson/Kennedy Investments recently collaborated on this article to help you prepare for the important decision of selecting an integrated commercial property management platform for your company.

House Flipping Tips

4 House Flipping Tips You Need to Know

“House flipping” is not normally a practice that property managers engage in. The buying of a home for cheap, renovating it to increase its value, and then selling it for a profit is a bit too much of a gamble compared to being able to make a steady income off of the property by renting it out.

Manage Your Rental Properties

How to Manage Your Rental Properties

So, you want to know how to manage your rental properties?

Maybe you’re a first-time property manager/landlord who just got started, or maybe you have years of experience managing rental properties. Whatever the case may be, there’s always an opportunity to learn new tricks and improve your property management skills.


Home Improvement Projects to Get You Prepared for Summer

In the USA, summer time is typically the peak season for people to move from one home to another. According to information cited by, “June 30 or July 31st are the traditional dates when leases expire” and that “School years end in the early summer, and begin in late August or early September. For families, moving during the summer means less upheaval.”


5 Good Reasons to Evict a Tenant

One of the perks of property management is that it provides a solid passive revenue stream for property managers. However, the property management industry isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. There are times when property managers will have to take on an unpleasant task, such as tenant evictions.

Three Reasons Why Every Handyman Needs Insurance

Nobody really likes thinking about insurance–it’s time consuming, confusing, and sometimes it feels like it’s better to ignore completely. It’s one of those things that doesn’t seem to matter at first, but in reality, taking on a job without it could put you at serious risk. 

HVAC Replacement Cost: How Much To Expect

Your HVAC system is essential to keep you comfortable in your home. Not only does it control your heating and air conditioning, but it also eliminates humidity and moisture in the air.

The One Work Order App Your Residents (and You) Will Love

When residents have a problem with their rental property, they want it fixed—fast! That’s why Property Managers need to have an effective and easy way to receive and resolve resident work orders. 

Property Manager Quick List for Hurricane Preparedness

If you’ve ever weathered a hurricane you can probably attest to the uncertainty that comes with it. For those who experienced Hurricanes Irma and Harvey in 2017, tracking the constantly-changing spaghetti models and witnessing the devastation they caused on their potential path to your properties, you know how easy it is to feel out of control during a hurricane. As you prepare for hurricane season, this list will help you control what you can and instill a higher sense of confidence in your renters.

Plumber Free Estimate: How To Get a Quote for Your Project

Most homeowners seek a plumber free estimate because they don’t know how much a project should realistically and reasonably cost. It’s difficult for many homeowners to know whether they are getting a fair deal or not. As a result, most people go with their gut – hoping they are charged fairly by the company they call. 

Should You Consider Rent Reduction for Your Residents?

The rent prices you set determine how much your properties stand to bring in each year. With cost-of-living increases and expenses like water and utilities on the rise, you may be tempted to raise your rates as new residents move in and existing residents end their lease agreements. 

Residential Lease Agreement: 12 Sections You Need to Include

A residential lease agreement protects both residents and Property Managers. It helps residents know what is expected of them, and helps Property Managers protect their real estate investments and financial interests. 

How to Prepare for the Backlog of Work Orders Coming After COVID-19

As COVID-19 stay-at-home orders expire, many people are returning to work to find a pile of projects that were put on hold while they were working from home. This is particularly true for Property Managers and maintenance teams who repair, improve, and turn rental units. 

COVID-19 Eviction Guidelines: What Property Managers In Every State Need to Know

COVID-19 has caused Property Managers across the country to scramble and implement new policies and processes. Many have wondered how they can collect rent safely and if they are allowed to evict tenants who don’t pay. 

Collecting Rent During COVID-19: Options for Property Managers

Collecting rent during COVID-19 is a complex situation. More than 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in the past month, driving the unemployment rate passed 10%. Many Americans are struggling right now, and it can make collecting rent complicated.  

rental virtual tours

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of people to shelter-in-place and not leave their homes. These regulations have created a challenge for Property Managers who are in the process of renting out empty homes and apartments. Many potential residents can no longer visit for in-person tours of a property. 

property maintenance during COVID-19

As a Property Manager, it’s your job to create a safe environment for your residents, on-site team and maintenance staff. The introduction of COVID-19 has made these tasks more difficult, but not impossible. There are ways to protect your residents and team while also keeping your property safe and well-maintained. 

6 Rental Management Processes Every Property Manager Needs

Building a portfolio of rental properties can be a lasting investment and business opportunity, and rental management – especially for those who manage multiple properties or busy apartment complexes – isn’t always an easy job. 

Don't Hire a Property Maintenance Company Until You Read This

If you are looking to streamline aspects of your property management business, you may be considering hiring a property maintenance company to help with basic upkeep, turns, and seasonal maintenance projects. 

4 Work Order Management Tips for New Property Managers

As a new Property Manager, you might think that work order management is fairly simple.

The Best Ways to Organize Work Order Maintenance Requests

As all Property Managers know, good property maintenance starts with good organization. When you can successfully organize work orders, you can prioritize emergencies and still manage scheduled and seasonal maintenance. And, your team can function in a low-stress environment and become more productive and efficient. 

The Rental Maintenance Checklist Every Property Manager Needs

Property managers have a laundry list of maintenance tasks to manage every day. There are dozens of tasks to juggle to make a rental property clean, safe, and appealing to potential residents. 

A rental maintenance checklist can help you make sure you don’t miss anything. 

Commercial Property Maintenance

Whether you manage a small retail space or a large office complex, commercial property maintenance can quickly get overwhelming. The combination of daily tasks, requests from tenants, and large improvement projects are difficult to juggle and can become mentally and physically taxing. There has to be an easier way.  

rental property maintenance expenses

One of the most important tools you'll need to manage a rental property is a realistic maintenance budget. If you don’t have a set budget for rental property maintenance expenses, then you could end up losing money on your rental properties or creating an unpleasant and unsafe environment for residents. 

Manage a Rental Property

Managing a rental property isn’t always easy. As a Property Manager, you need to stay on top of task lists, work to keep residents happy and have a plan to keep your properties clean and desirable. Thankfully, there are tips, best practices, and tools that can help you successfully manage a rental property like a pro. 

5 Tips to Help You Manage Maintenance at Multiple Rental Properties

As a property manager, juggling maintenance at multiple properties can get overwhelming. Just when you think everything is under control, one of your properties experiences a crisis and requires your attention. If you’re not careful, you could spend most of your day driving across town to manage multiple maintenance projects at once. 

property manager

As a property manager, people rely on you to make their homes comfortable and safe. Without your assistance, residences could quickly grow dingy and develop problems and safety hazards. You work hard and do as much as you can, and that means your task list can quickly get overwhelming. 

How Work Order Software Can Simplify Property Management

Working in property management means constantly changing your plans and schedule throughout the day. You can plan to work on one project, only to have it derailed by a crisis in another part of the building or campus. Your residents (and your boss) expect you to solve these problems quickly and take steps to prevent similar issues. 


How to Increase Efficiency with a Property Maintenance Solution  


3 Most Common Electrical Problems in Your Home 


5 Tips for Successful Commercial Property Management

Commercial property managers are often confused with residential property managers, despite vast differences in scope of work and property types. As a commercial property manager, you’re most likely responsible for the maintenance and operational oversight of business parks, retail spaces, storage units, or other kinds of non-residential properties. Commercial properties, while sharing some similarities with residential properties (leasing agreements, tenants, etc.), come with a unique set of problems that widen the scope of a commercial property manager’s work.


When Should I Call A Professional Plumber?



It’s easy to close the door and turn a blind eye, or ear, to common plumbing problems like leaky faucets or running toilets. Unfortunately, the choice to ignore common plumbing problems is often detrimental to homeowners and property managers who also fail to recognize that these minor inconveniences lead to bigger, more expensive problems.

electrician at work

Types of Electrical Repair and Services You Might Not Know Of 

Unlike a hole in the drywall or a creaky door hinge, a home’s electrical system is not something that should be touched without a professional electrician present. Electrical systems are not only fickle, but dangerous – with the possibility of electrical fires and electrocution looming over the heads of inexperienced tinkerers. This is why no property maintenance checklist is complete without a once-over from a licensed electrician. But don’t worry – they do more than just confirm that your wiring is up to code. Electricians can perform a breadth of repairs and services that don’t immediately come mind when you pick up the phone to request some help.

property manager

As a property manager, people rely on you to make their homes comfortable and safe. Without your assistance, residences could quickly grow dingy and develop problems and safety hazards. You work hard and do as much as you can, and that means your task list can quickly get overwhelming.